• ADAMICU's Spring Festival Holiday

ADAMICU’s 2019 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

China Public Holidays—Chinese Spring Festival ADAMICU's holiday time is from January 31st to February 10th, during which time the warehouse will stop shipping. We will resume normal operation on February 11th, Please note. In 2018, we thank all our customers who support ADAMICU. In 2019, ADAMICU's team will continue to serve you.

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PEI-Genesis Announces Acquisition of Precision Connector Manufacturer FilConn

Tip: On May 3, Steven Fisher, CEO of PEI-Genesis, announced that it has acquired FilConn, a manufacturer of high-precision, high-reliability filters, transient suppression, and custom-configured connectors. Mainly used in military aviation, medical, transportation, oil / natural gas and other fields. The acquisition allows the company to better meet customer demand for small batches, fast delivery and [...]

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ADAMICU Development Plan in 2017

ADAMICU is specializing in designing and producing CABLES and CONNECTORS and ADAPTERS.Such as D-Sub Connectors,USB Connectors,Servo motor cables,SCSI cables, outomotive diagnostic cables etc, Headquarter is located in DongGuan, where is called world factory in China. Besides, ADAMICU products are sold all over the world. Since 1994, ADAMICU has been striving to offer the most cost-effective connector [...]

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Answers to FAQ

FAQ: 1.Q:How could i get samples? A:If you need to order sample for checking-up,we would like to ask you to pay for the samples and courier freight.We send the samples to you only after receipt of your payment.if you have an courier account,you can send your courier to collect samples from our company or send [...]

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What Adamicu can do for you?

Adamicu ®Put simply we are a factory of electronic components and related items: what sets us apart from competitors is our enthusiasm and desire to deliver first class customer service and the highest quality products. For example, Adamicu Servo Cables is more than just a supplier of cable, we have over 10 years of industry experience in the [...]

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